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Typing Exercises: Learn

1. On the Index screen, click on “Learn” under desired exercise (e.g. Single Letters)
2. You will now see the learn area. Select the difficulty in the box labeled “Settings” on the right side of the screen, either beginner, intermediate or advanced.
3. Make sure that your keyboard language is Greek. If your input does not show up in Greek, you need to change your keyboard language in order to proceed. See directions in “installation” section.
4. The purple keyboard shows where each Greek letter is on the keyboard. Pressing the “ Α / α ” button changes the view from lowercase to capital or vice versa.
5. Type the letter(s) or word that is shown in the “Display” box into the “Response” box.
6. Press “enter” to submit your response.

a. If you are correct, the display is highlighted in green and a new problem appears.

b. If you are incorrect, the display is highlighted in red and you can try again.

7. The “Translation” box shows the translation of the word in English.

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