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Scavenger Hunt

In this playspace, you have to collect items from a variety of Greek stores for a given purpose.

1. On the opening screen, read the instructions and scenario carefully.
2. Click on “begin” when ready.
3. To start the game, click on one of the stores on the map.
4. To purchase an item from the store, click on the item's name in the “Store Item” box. It will show up in “Items Purchased” box.
5. If you need a clue about the item, FIRST click on “Obtain Clue” and THEN on the item's name. A picture of the item will be displayed in the “Image Cluebox.” However, some time will be deducted.
6. Continue viewing and purchasing items until have gotten everything. Be aware of the time and money remaining.
7. Click on the red X on the map when you are done.
8. View your results.