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Maps and Directions

Your objective is to figure out where in Greece , the USA , or other part of the world, someone is located. To achieve this, you only have few clues he/she has sent on postcards and information about several locations.

To play, do the following:

1. Read the directions in Greek on the introduction page. If you want to read them in English, click “Translate”.
2. Click on the airplane to begin.
3. Read the clue on the postcard. Click “Translate” below the postcard to read in English.
4. Click on the purple dots on the map to view information about each city.
5. Read the description and view the picture of each city.
6. When you have found the answer to the question, select your choice by clicking on it on the postcard.

a. If you are correct, your selection will turn green and a new question will appear.

b. If you are incorrect, your selection will turn red and you may select again.

7. Continue answering questions and learning about cities until you have tracked down the person you are looking for.

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