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Let's Talk Greek (Dialogue)

In this game, you can communicate “Greek Style” in real-life situations. Each situation is like a simulated conversation.

To be a part of this conversation, do the following:

1. On the welcome screen, read the directions and click “Enter Playspace” to proceed.
2. Look at the picture and read the statement and the answer choices, in the “Exercise” screen.
3. Listen to the pronunciation by clicking on the “listen” button, below the “Exercise” screen.
4. Select an answer choice and click on it.
5. Read your feedback.

a. If you are correct, you can continue on to the next question by using the next button.

b. If you are incorrect, try again.

6. Click on “next” on the upper left, to proceed to the next set of statement and questions. Click on “back” on the upper left, to go back.

7. If you want to, you can record yourself by using the “record” button, below the “Exercise” screen. Use the “playback” button to listen to yourself.

8. Continue through the dialogue until you are done.

9. At the end, you may click on the “play continuous” button below the “Exercise” screen. Choose “Play All” to listen to all the statements and all the correct answers. If you choose “Play All w/h Recorded”, you can also listen to your own recordings. To listen only to your own recordings, choose “Play Recorded”.

View the tutorial
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