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3D World

Exploring the 3D World

1. From the workspace, click the “3D World” button, on the upper left of the screen.
2. The following message will appear: “Loading 3D World …”
3. Use the navigation buttons to move through the city. Imagine that you are standing inside it move forward, back, left, right or turn accordingly.
4. You may also move through the 3D World using the keyboard shortcuts:

a. Left arrow key – move left

b. Right arrow key – move right

c. Up arrow key – move straight ahead

d. Down arrow key – move backward

e. Comma key – rotate world clockwise

f. Period key – rotate world counterclockwise

g. Holding down the shift key while pressing any of those keys or any of the navigation buttons, you will move/rotate faster.

5. As you are moving through the city, move the cursor using the mouse over the buildings and objects you see. You will notice that boxes pop up, and the cursor changes from an arrow to a hand. These are links to either vocabulary or playspaces.

a. Vocabulary boxes contain a word in English and its Greek translation. Clicking on the vocabulary item allows you to hear its pronunciation.

b. Playspace boxes contain the title of the playspace and the lesson to which it belongs. Clicking on it will take you to the playspace. To return to the 3D world, simply close the playspace window using the red box with the “x” in the upper right corner of the screen.

6. For easy access to the playspaces, click on one of the playspaces listed in the “Lesson Playspaces” box. This will take you to its location in the city. Move the cursor using the mouse over what you see, until the playspace box pops up. Click on it, and the playspace will open.

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