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Presentation: Δες, άκουσε, μίλησε

1. Press the play button located at the bottom of the media player screen to watch a video, a slideshow, or an image
2. Pause as needed using the pause button at the bottom of the media player screen. Τo control volume, use the “Volume” button on the top right of the screen.
3. Read the part of the dialogue (or the part of it) that you want to practice, which is displayed in the “Workbook” area.
4. Notice any links in the reference links area.
5. Press the “Record” button at the bottom right of the screen and speak into the microphone to record your version of the dialogue. Press the “Stop” button to end your recording. Once recording is finished, a new item is created on the playlist, marked as “ Ηχογραφήσατε “.
6. Click on “Playback” at the bottom right to hear the recording and compare it to the native speaker.

Note: You may delete the item by dragging it into the “Delete” button at the lower left, or by clicking on the delete button.

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