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Art Exploration

Here, you learn about various types of Greek Art and about the work of famous Greek artists.

To explore, do the following:

1. Click on enter playspace.
2. You are taken to the main page that displays a list of subtopics in red.
3. Click on any one of these subtopics; it displays text, in English.
4. The text contains links to video, images, sound, and text files. Click on these links.
Note A: The “Link Key” box to the left of the text shows the type of links: green links are sound, purple links are video, red links are images and blue links are text.
Note B: Directly below the trivia game button is a mute button used for the audio and video files.
5. Once you have explored the contents of this playspace, click on the “Trivia Game” button, below the “Link Key” box. You are taken to a multiple-choice test that checks knowledge learned from the text.

Note: If you decide to play the trivia game, click on the correct answer and then click on the “Next” button on the upper left of the trivia screen. Your score is given below.

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