How is it organized?

Hellas Alive© has been designed to immerse learners in simulated environments which they manipulate to learn hands-on language skills. The on-line program now offers the first 600 hours of instruction, which amount to levels one, two and three. 

Each level is organized into 15 different thematic units. Each unit, in turn, consists of 4 lessons.

Each unit consists of the following parts:

  • Introduction
  • Reading and listening texts accompanied by pictures and videos
  • Reading and listening activities and exercises accompanied by pictures and videos
  • Practice on speaking and writing
  • Presentation of grammar, syntax, and vocabulary
  • Grammar practice
  • Extra practice

Throughout all the language-learning material, learners also can use the 3D virtual city and the playspaces that acquaint them with the cultural achievements, history and society of Greece, past and present.