Hellenic - American Communities

Astoria, Atlanta, San Francisco, Charlotte, Tampa, Chicago, Boston …

From one end of the USA to the other, in small or large groups, generations of Greek-Americans live and prosper within and outside of their Hellenic - American communities.

These Hellenes forge strong bonds through family relations and common place of origin, become one another's koumbari , meet in church, and organize social gatherings, fully integrated with the broader American society but at the same time dedicated to keeping their Hellenic origins alive.

Sometimes, one community is fortunate enough to find out about another's existence and activities, and the bonds between them become even stronger. In most cases, though, due to distance and the difficulty in disseminating information, it is hard for one community to “meet” and learn about another.

The following pages aim to bring all Hellenic - American communities together in a virtual forum.

There, each community can have a link to its own web site to present itself to the other communities and access a calendar of events, so that all Greek-Americans can see who does what, and when. Also, very soon, each community can have its own virtual area in the portal, where visitors will be able to see and read about its activities in an interactive and unique manner. This will be very easy to do; communities will have the ability to send us texts, videos, photographs and we will create a whole playspace, especially for them.

With these ways, the Hellas Alive portal is THE meeting place of the Omogenia, beyond distances and communication problems.