What are the features of the HellasAlive© program?

The Hellas Alive© learning features are:

  • Virtual (Greek) city that is easy to navigate
  • Cultural playspaces
  • Rich multimedia content
  • Tutor feedback for student work
  • Student–student and student–tutor on-line collaboration
  • Self-assessing exercises
  • Hyperlinked and integrated grammar and vocabulary

Greek language and culture multi-purpose features are:

  • Immersive 3D virtual city
  • Cultural playspaces (game-like, language-learning activities that are interactive, cultural, and communicative)
  • Tutor feedback and student collaboration
  • Lesson Playlist, for self-paced and independent learning
  • Text and Exercise Area, with opportunities for communicative and integrated learning and self-assessment
  • Language (grammar) index: Areas with grammar content
  • Vocabulary index: Areas with vocabulary content
Click to enlarge screenshot from toolbar Users have a variety of tools to use, such as buttons that allow play, pause, listen, record, submit, back, quit, scroll-down, exercises, 3D world, language (grammar) index, vocabulary index, contact tutor, chat, volume, help, lesson menu, delete, previous screen, next screen, navigate.
Click to enlarge screenshot of the workspace They can also type and read texts, see pictures, watch videos, and even receive instant correction by the program.

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