Create your Community’s own virtual playspace

Do you want to promote your Community’s activities in a unique, interactive manner? Does your Community want to own virtual space in the Hellas Alive© 3D World? Does it wish to create one or more playspaces with its own information and material? Do you want your Community to achieve maximum visibility through the many users of the Hellas Alive© virtual school?

If your Community wants to be a part of the Hellas Alive© experience at a fee, you might want to consider the following:

  • The Hellas Alive© portal is currently the only one in its kind addressed to the Omogenia, in more than just one way: it is the only web-based area where Hellenes can learn the Greek language, become familiar with the Greek culture and civilization, learn about each other’s activities, and eventually form one large online Hellenic community.
  • The Hellas Alive© virtual school – accessed only through the portal – is a unique online available way to learn Greek in an easy, interactive, student-friendly manner, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Through the Hellas Alive© virtual school, its registered users are able to access the 3D World and playspaces, which reenact Greek culture and modern civilization in a game-like manner that no other language-learning method offers to the present.
  • All these registered users can have access to areas in the 3D World and selected playspaces that are specially created by us for your Community with your own exclusive material and information.
  • You can submit this material through a simple special form and even be able to revise it, whenever you wish

What is the 3D World?

The 3D World is a virtual city, vibrant with the images, colors, and sounds of a typical Greek city.

Hellas Alive© registered users can literally “walk through” the 3D World and hear in Greek names of stores and businesses and choose where to go. If they want to become acquainted with the Greek or Greek-American culture and civilization, they can also access the eight playspaces through the 3D World.

What are the playspaces?

The playspaces are eight types of interactive games that can help anyone understand better the Greek culture and civilization.

Each type uses a variety of ways to attract and keep the interest of Hellas Alive© registered users, such as colors, sounds, pictures, and even music and short movies. Depending on which type they choose, users can:

  • learn how to make or do something which is relevant to the Greek or Greek-American culture, such as the building of a kite, a traditional recipe, etc. (“How To” playspace)
  • learn about different forms of Greek Art and famous artists in architecture, sculpture, painting, literature, theater, and cinema (“Art Exploration” playspace)
  • become familiar with culturally relevant topics such as Greek or Greek-American history and Greek folklore, archaeological sites, and tourist destinations (“Documentary” playspace)
  • try to locate an imaginary person and discover information about various geographical locations in Greece and the USA (“Maps and Directions” playspace)
  • take an inside view into the life of a group of young friends (in Modern Greek, this group is called a parea) who meet and discuss their daily program and general plans (“Meet the Parea” playspace)
  • become acquainted with forms and structures of the Greek language and test their knowledge of this material (“Word Jumble” playspace)
  • take active part in dialogues within a variety of everyday contexts, such as riding a taxi, telling the time, giving directions, etc (“Let’s Talk Greek” playspace)
  • enter a virtual shopping arcade with different types of shops and – within a given time and/or budget (which they risk losing) - visit the appropriate shops and buy the items necessary for a specific occasion (“Scavenger Hunt” playspace)
  • Learn more about the playspaces
  • Watch a demo of the playspaces

What is the Hellas Alive© virtual school?

This is the area where Greek language interactive teaching and learning take place and it provides Hellas Alive© learners with all the tools necessary for effective learning.

With only a click of their mouse, they can do a variety of exercises, read Greek texts, hear sounds, and even see pictures and watch videos without switching screen. They can also record their own voice and correct their pronunciation, send their homework (text or recordings) to their individual tutor, chat with other learners and share material with others, learn grammar and new vocabulary, receive instant feedback on their errors, and access the 3D World (and, through it, the playspaces).

What will your Community’s own area in the 3D World and playspace look like?

  • For example, there is a Community named “Hellenic-American Community of Arkadia”.
  • This Community “buys” a part of a building in the 3D World which will bear a sign with their name on its front.
  • Any registered student of the Hellas Alive© learning system can click on this sign and be directed to the playspace type that the Community has chosen and submitted material for.
  • If, for example, this playspace is “Documentary”, those that visit it might read about prominent members of this Community, watch videos or pictures and even hear such members live.
  • If this playspace is “How To”, those that visit it might learn about a traditional recipe from the area of Arkadia or about the process of an old custom from that area, by watching pictures or video, and by listening to the actual stories involved.

 3D World